WE ARE FAMILY 

Our Vision
OUR VISION is to match pups with the right family. This is the utmost crucial aspect of our breeding program because it sets the foundation for a lifelong bond. The right match ensures that the pup's temperament, energy level, and needs align with the family's lifestyle and preferences. It promotes a positive environment where the pup can thrive, receive appropriate care, and enjoy a loving home. It reduces the likelihood of mismatched expectations and potential rehoming situations.
Our Mission

Welcome to Puppies of Plenty, Melbourne!  We are a small, boutique breeder dedicated to producing exceptional Toy Cavoodle pups through responsible and ethical breeding practices.  We are MDBA registered & RIGHTPAW verified and for the first time, we are so thrilled to share that one of Australia's most informative online Dog Breed Experts has announced us as #6 Best Cavoodle Breeder in Australia 2024.  

Our commitment to excellence, health, and welfare is at the forefront of everything we do.  Here's an overview of our program:

Thank you for considering our program, There is nothing more rewarding than giving the gift of a beautifully raised, happy and healthy Toy Cavoodle to a new loving owner or family. 

Our Puppy Program 

We raise our pups with the guidance and support of a purposeful curriculum breeding program called the  'BadAss Breeder' We tailor some of this curriculum to serve our puppies so they can develop self-belief and reach their full potential through guided emotional responses and prioritizing their inherent needs. We adapt handling techniques that align with their sensitive developmental milestones. Furthermore, each puppy is assessed before placement to ensure their voice is valued and respected. This exceptional puppy curriculum not only empowers and guides me as a breeder but also allows me to enrich the lives of our pups so they feel loved, respected, safe and confident.

Our pups are very fortunate to have a comfortable & spacious whelping area and play space as they grow! Our dogs and pups follow a healthy diet, together with a strict worming, flea, tick and heartworm protection regime ~ we are meticulous in all that we do. 

All pups come with puppy food (Royal Canin), toys, blanket, doggy bed and a Google site that highlights additional information and tips you need to prepare before bringing home your puppy. All essential paperwork, certificates, microchip details and vaccinations are included.  

We collaborate with other reputable breeders and experts in the field to exchange knowledge, genetic material, and best practices. We believe that collaboration and cooperation among breeders are essential for advancing the quality of the breed and achieving our breeding objectives.

You can visit our IG page @puppies_of_plenty to watch our content and  learn more about our pups! We appreciate you taking the time to consider us, as your breeder of your next fur-baby.  



            Registered member of MDBA
We are a Regisitered Member of the MDBA -
 The Master Dog Breeders and Associates. An international pedigree, pure breed, dog registry which provides a wide range of services to purebred breeders and companion dog owners.  
           Rightpaw Verified 
We are  Rightpaw Verified 
As a breeder, RightPaw has been instrumental in connecting me with responsible owners. It's a platform that showcases my commitment to ethical breeding practices and helps me reach out to potential puppy owners. With RightPaw, I can present my breeding program professionally through beautifully crafted breed listings. Additionally, the platform streamlines the process by allowing me to manage all puppy applications and inquiries in one convenient location
        Contact Details 
Email clarapriva@gmail.comFollow IG @puppies_of_plenty Call on 0414468792